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Special texture beige coloured rice papers with golden foil specks, giving the paper the luxurious feel and look.


This paper is named "Semi-Permeable" or "Half-riped".  What it means is that it tends to absorb ink less readily as compared to the "Permeable" or "Riped" variants.  An easier way to understand this concept is to equate "Permeable" rice papers to coated printing papers.  Typically, such papers feel "wetter", "smoother" and "softer".  The final printed artwork will adopt a richer appearance.


Simple Reels Store has been constantly looking for interesting printable media that people can use to create interesting artwork for themselves.  This beige coloured rice paper with golden specks printable paper is one them.  Interestingly, unlike its conventional counterparts, this material is printable both by inkjet and laser printers - extremely versatile and interesting.


Being in the design and print production industry for a long time, we recommend this paper for those who owns a modern home printer and would like to embark on some interesting calligraphic artwork creation. 


This paper is fantastic for anyone who has an interest in creating Chinese artwork even though you may not have the necessary brush skills to write on them.


Example of use:

  • Chinese "Dui Lian" (对联)
  • Greetings for Chinese New Year or Lucky Charms

Chinese Calligraphy Series - Beige with Gold Specks, Semi-Permeable (10 sheets)

  • Each pack contains 10 sheets

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